Who are we?

An international team :

• Anna Amaral, Energetician and Nurse
• Nathalie Babouraj,
Doctor of Medicine, ecofeminist coach
• Odile Daniel,
Chef of Locavore Cuisine and wild plants
• Catherine Darbord,
Therapist, trainer in Sonotherapy
• Mezzadri Chiara,
Dancer, therapist and Permaculturist
• Emilie Klein,
Artist and vision keeper
• Tara Klein,
Multimedia artist, cook
• Paulo Amaral,
Computer engineer
• Pedro Goucha Gomes,
Dancer, Feldenkrais and Mindfulness teacher
• Dimitri Klein,
Project initiator, co-manager of Loural
• Mitia Klein,
• Pascal Proust,
Outdoor therapy, co-manager of Loural